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TiLite ZRa Series 2 Ultralight Titanium Wheelchair option PowerA free to collect

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2020-11-12 10:48:41
TiLite ZRa Series 2 Ultralight Titanium Wheelchair option PowerA  at www.freetocollect.co.uk
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Let my worsening disability be your blessing!

I've had to switch from a lightweight manual wheelchair to a power chair, so I am selling my very gently used manual chair. Rather than share a bunch of specs, I'm going to link you to what it has and is:

Frame (TiLite ZRa Series 2 Ultralight Titanium): 

Wheels (Spinergy SPOX):
It has an 18" wide seat, which tends to be the magic number folks want to know when checking if a chair will fit them. If you're not sure if it'll be a good fit for you, we can set something up and you can have a seat.

I also have a SmartDrive power assist I can sell with it for an additional $2500, but the two do not have to go together. If you just need one or the other, that's find by me. This is the power assist, though mine is the previous generation: 

The chair has a couple scuffs, but is in great structural shape. I have armrests for it, but the screws holding them in place snapped, so you'll need to get that minor issue fixed if you want to use them. (Though I know many people prefer not to, anyway.) Handles in the back are removable. Footplate flips up and down for ease of use.

Check out the photos, but know that it's WAY more gorgeous in person! 
Alfreton in
East Midlands - Derbyshire


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