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About Freetocollect.co.uk

Maybe you remember a time standing next to the recycle bin about to throw away a bag full of old clothes or just a pair of jeans you will never use again. Deep inside you know perfectly well that this pair of jeans might somewhere be exactly what someone else is looking for.

-"Oh well! That person is not here now and I need to get rid of this.", might be just the last words you say before those perfectly functional jeans are thrown into the bin to be taken to the energy plant where they are burnt in flames until nothing more but a pile of ashes and some metal buttons remain.

Well, you can stop thinking like that now. Because we are going to change the way people handle their reusable and recyclable belongings. Fewer walks down the road to the trashbins and reduced driving to the landfill or garbage dump.

Instead people will come to your house or where you decide for them to come and pickup that sofa, fridge, freezer, bed, shelf or piano that you just don't want the pain to handle yourself. -And guess what? They'll do it with a genuine smile of happiness. <).

In general Free To Collect works as a normal billboard but with the advantages that you will reach out to an increadible amount of people who can search and categorise amongst the ads and even get them twittered to their mobile phones.

Join us in our cause and join our twitter to recieve notes when new ads popup or help us get going by simply trying out giving away something small you really can admit you acctually do not need or use any more.

You are contributing to a better planet by reducing the consumption of its limited resources and provide happiness to people who might value what you don't.

So get going and give it away now by clicking here

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