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Rules and restrictions regarding animals

At Free to collect we have a very strict view of how animals can be treated. Therefore there are some special regulations regarding hand over and how "free of charge" an animal can be.

Even though most of our ads are posted as totally free of charge, this certain treatment can not be applied to animals. Here we practice the believe that an animal must come with a symbolic "cost"so the new owner can realize that caring for an animal comes with a demand of certain costs.

The value of your pet can not be expressed in any amount of money. So a symbolic amount of money is one way to prevent reckless handling and for you to prove you also afford to provide for and support the loveful and caring environment your new friend will require.

Please read more about these rules at:

-"Pet Advertising Advisory Group (PAAG)"
-"Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)"

Please respect these rules and help us care more,
(Not always-)Free to collect.co.uk ;)