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Advice and regards regarding recycling furniture

Generally everything given away at Freetocollect.co.uk is appreciated but for us to keep a certain standard , you can not give away any debris whatsoever.

If you give away a sofa, chair or table, it must still be in such condition that someone acctually can have any use out of it . Broken furniture or a couch where the padding hangs out may not be the first thing you wish to receive .

But because there are people who still receive this, maybe antique dealers who want to refurnish or fix the couch, bed or shelf you wish to donate, there might still be an interest.

Therefore, it is helpful if you can attach a photo to display the furniture condition and patterns so customers can see whether they have any use of it before they wish to come and collect.

Since most people gladly pick up their gifts themselves it may be polite to prepare furniture to be collected. That way you will have a smooth transition of owner.

A well-prepared move is mostly appreciated by both parties.