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To keep in mind when donating clothes

Anything that can help improving other peoples lives are appreciated on Freetocollect.co.uk but for us to be able to keep a certain standard, we can not give away broken or unusable clothing.

All clothing to be given away at Freetocollect.co.uk must be clean and usable. There are no requirement for designer clothes, everything that can be useful for someone else is interesting.

When you give away clothes, it is very helpful if you post a photo or at least describe them well for someone to acctually understand the ad and what you are giving away. A typical posting might look like this:

Designer jeans free to collect
Levis, Seven, Diesel, Nude and Fornarina jeans free to collector. All pants in size class 30-33, some stains appearing on Lee jeans but it should easily wash off. Sincerely Anna

As you can see, it's rewarding to announce details that may be of interest to the recipient. E.g. the size and brand are the interesting details here.

Are you with me?