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General recycling on Free To Collect

Our primary goal is to reduce waste and minimize the impact that consumption causes on our planets limited resources. We want to change the way people think about used stuff and affect the general culture regarding giving away instead of throwing away.

We presume this is everyones goal today and we merely provide a tool helping you to accomplish this. If you have any questions or want to know more about our cause feel free to contact us.

To help us providing this service to you we only ask for a few rules to be followed and kept in mind.

Regulations regarding posting ads
Your ad will be presented on our site for a minimum of 4 months or until you remove it.You can remove your ad by clicking the link provided in your "activation mail" or simply by asking for a new mail when time comes by clicking "Update/Remove ad" in the meny.

You are solely and individually yourself responsible for your ad and that your ad contains correct information and is written in a proper language.

The ad/post must not contain material/text that can be offensive or illegal. Also it must not be about selling, earning/borrowing or begging for money.

Ads that are missusing our service will be removed from our system with no refunds in any way and you may be banned as well.

If you find an ad offensive you can report this by clicking the "Report advert as improper" link on the page of the ad.

More regulations can be found in the left column under "Read our rules". Happy reading.

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