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Integrity policy

When you create an ad with us we store the contact- and ad-information you type (name, address, email, telephone, ad description, etc.) in our system.

Besides the manual data you type, our system also collects other information regarding your unit. The system saves visitors IP-addresses to be able to stop abuse and leave cookies on your unit to handle temporary data that make the experience more convenient.

If you, in our Android-/iOS-app, permit "location sharing" we will also use this information to be able to offer the service "view ads in my vicinity". We also use this data to automize where your ad should be located geographically.

We have never and will not transmit the data you have stored in our systems to a third party. We believe in personal integrity and have seen this as a basic principle since our start.

But even though we do all in our power to keep all data safe with us there are too many examples of data breaches at large corporations for us to guarantee this. For this reason, we have created an environment free from login, so you don't need to share your passwords all over the internet.

For how long is the data stored
After a limited amount of time (today 4 months) your ads ("open" and "closed") will stop being published on the site. But for you to be able to see historical data in the app, the ads are still stored in the background (today for several years).

If you know you will never use the service again you can manually remove all you historical data with the Forget me function.

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