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Free to collect in London

Welcome to Free To Collect - London. We are trying to encourage people of London to help minimizing the amount of waste and the overuse of limited resources by giving away used stuff they don't need. We believe tons of things are just laying around that could be reused by others (or recycled nearby if too broken). Help out and give away your unused stuff here.
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CUPBOARDS free to collect

Set of 3 Cupboards, excellent condition without keys Width 80cm Depth 60cm He
TV Stand

TV Stand free to collect

Silver grey colour l×b×h 80×50×60
Laptop / computer table

Laptop / computer table free to collect

Length× height× widtg 65cm× 100× 35cm
Table with drawer

Table with drawer free to collect

Lxwxh 120x 60x100
Carpets free to collect

Carpets free to collect

We have carpets free to collect 2 pieces about 450X180 each piece
Free wooden pallets in good condition

Free wooden pallets in good condition

We have around 15-20 wooden pallets in great condition non coloured free to anyone wh