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Old turntable

Old turntable free to collect

New cork plate. Made it work only with old vinyls. In good state.
Collage frame for 7 photos

Collage frame for 7 photos free to collect

Originally from Ikea. Height: 113 cm
Book stoppers

Book stoppers free to collect

Beautiful white metal book stoppers.
Christmas tree and decorations

Christmas tree and decorations free to collect

Offering Christmas decorations: lights, bulbs, wreath + fabric advent calendar + Chri
Box of DYI craft supplies

Box of DYI craft supplies free to collect

Box contains knitting needles, yarn, stickers, ribbons, paper, pieces of various fabr
Beads with thread and needle

Beads with thread and needle

Offering two small boxes of small beads of various colours and sizes. Perfect for DYI
Vac upright vacuum cleaner

Vac upright vacuum cleaner free to collect

In working condition. Vacuum cleaner.