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Three seater beige

Three seater beige free to collect

Nice hardly used three seater avail.

Wanted corner suite

Wanted corner suite or 2+3 or chairs +2 or 3 seater settee can collect front room is
Compost bin

Compost bin free to collect

Black. 330 litres capacity. Clean and empty.
Sofa/Love chair and futon

Sofa/Love chair and futon free to collect

Mink/Brown fabric love seat- turns into single guest bed. Approx 50 inches in lengt
3/4 seater Mink/Brown Sofa

3/4 seater Mink/Brown Sofa free to collect

Mink/Brown 3/4 seater fabric sofa Approx 82 inches in length *Matching Love seat sea

Wanted: logs, small trees, branches, sticks

Will collect, thanks