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Leather 2-seater Sofa to give away for free

Leather 2-seater Sofa to give away for free

We have a leather sofa to give away. Please come and collect it. It must go to you or
Single bed

Single bed free to collect

A single bed that turns into 2 single beds ideal to save space and when the kids a ha

Free to collect carpets

One red carpet off cut free to collect. 2600 x 1200mm
LG 50' plasma TV

LG 50' plasma TV free to collect

LG 50' plasma TV for free. It is 8 yr old , but still very clean and show great pict
Drinks Cabinet

Drinks Cabinet free to collect

Lexterton reproduction drinks cabinet dating from early 1990s. Two doors and two dra

Circular mitre saw free to collect

1800w circular saw Performance power tools To in good working order. Box damaged
Manual running machine

Manual running machine free to collect

This is a manual and a machine not an electric one you have to do the hard work yours